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A family dentist offering comprehensive dental care

Welcome to Samford Smiles, the independent dental clinic, locally owned and operated by a most thorough and gentle family dentist in Samford.
~ Dr Richard Outridge B.D.Sc (QLD)


Samford locals who have lived in Samford Valley for 31+ years, Richard and Melanie welcome Patients to their modern practice. Richard is an experienced Dentist with many years’ experience, yet is still as passionate as ever about dentistry and, in particular, long-term preventive dental care.

As proficient and gentle as he is at such procedures as tooth restoration, replacement of missing teeth, tooth extraction, treatment of gum disease, caring for dentures and so forth, one of Richard’s real strengths is preventative dentistry.

He firmly believes that most dental problems can be avoided, and he’d be more than happy to only see you just twice a year for your recommended dental check-up by him and a thorough teeth cleaning by a Dental Hygienist (or even just once a year if you succeed in maintaining a low-risk mouth.)

Having said that, Samford Smiles is not the type of dental clinic that will lecture you and make you feel guilty. On the contrary. All that would do is make you unhappy and we’d much rather see you smile – often and confidently. With that in mind, here’s something that will really make you smile…


Richard likes to take his time getting to know you and your ‘pearly whites” properly, by conducting a thorough examination. Patients with complex dental needs may request a full hour appointment for their first visit to Samford Smiles. That will give Richard ample time to thoroughly but gently examine your teeth and mouth. There will even be time to have a break every now and then if you require, because we want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

During this comprehensive initial consultation, we will take photos and x-rays (if necessary) with our digital x-ray equipment which has a lower radiation dose compared to older style x-ray equipment. Furthermore, because we want you to be fully involved in your treatment plan, we encourage you to ask questions. So at this initial consult we will talk to you about what you want to achieve, as well as:

  • Point things out to you using our modern intra-oral cameras, so you too can see any actual problems and learn what’s involved with your treatment
  • Make sure you fully understand ALL your options
  • Offer a personalized comprehensive treatment plan
  • Include costings so you know where you stand (or sit, as the case may be!)
  • Plan treatment at a pace that suits you AND your budget.

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Restorations (white fillings)

Crowns and bridge work

Replacement of missing teeth

Tooth removal/extraction

Treatment of tooth sensitivity, decay and gum disease

Preventive dental care

Children’s dental Care

10 benefits of making Samford Smiles YOUR family dentist.

  1.  You’ll see the same dentist – Richard Outridge – every time, so you’ll enjoy consistent treatment.
  2. We perform dental procedures gently; people often comment that they appreciate how gentle we always are.
  3. Child-friendly. Richard’s team will help your kids learn to love going to the dentist for regular hygiene visits.
  4. Proactive with seniors. For example, we’ll offer advice on how to avoid dental problems that may result from some medications.
  5. With 20 years service in the army as a dentist and a further 25 years experience in private practice, Richard is a dentist, NOT a salesman. He is concerned about your teeth…hence his push for preventative dental care. He will be the first to admit that not everyone needs extra fluoride.
  6. He understands all facets of dentistry, from tooth extraction to dental implants and dentures.
  7. His experience means he can diagnose quickly and accurately, and he has a deep understanding of all options.
  8. He keeps totally up to date with state-of-the-art procedures including contemporary crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, partial dentures, restorative materials, and more — all made locally by premier Brisbane dental laboratories.
  9. Richard and Melanie live locally, so you can be sure they’ll look after you – like a friendly neighbour. Naturally, they will warmly welcome patients travelling from further afield.
  10. Our goal is to CARE for you:
    • Co-diagnosis of your dental concerns and goals
    • Assist and educate to help you achieve good oral health
    • Review evidence–based treatment options regularly
    • Exhibit complete professionalism, integrity, and compassion in all our actions.

Opening Hours – Appointments Necessary*

Monday – Wednesday:  8:30am – 5:30pm

Thursday: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Friday – Sunday:  Closed

Dental Emergencies

Patients of Samford Smiles who have an emergency should phone 3289 1900 before 10am for assistance. In the event of an after hours emergency, please follow the prompts on the phone message.

*Appointments are required for all treatment, but emergency patients will be seen on the day for pain relief, if they ring before 10:00am.